Enter the state of the art 'Laser Chamber'


All weather mobile and inflatable. 

Sun, Rain or Snow, we come to you!                                             


This attraction is suitable for anything from a fundraising event to a village fair or large Jamboree, We can manage a substantial amount of players in day with no hidden costs or extras.


You can choose your own music and if you have a themed event let us know and we will join in!


The laser tag system is an inflatable maze that offers two seperate games one being a targeting system so suitable for the girl guides as well as scouts, it covers more than 1000sq ft of interconnecting tunnels and pods, there can be a max of twelve players in each game, six players on each team, all done in a dark environment, we can also add fog to the laser chamber to make the laser beams show up as they are being shot from the guns, it also adds to the experience, all the technology is inside the guns so no time is wasted with body packs, they can be programmed by their touch starters for a long or short game depending on the age of the players, all the scores are added up at the end of each game and the team with the highest score wins.

Assault course
Temporary tattoo art
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